Our Team

Bidushi Bhattacharya, Ph.D.

CEO and Founder

Dr. Bhattacharya is a rocket scientist with over two decades experience working for NASA and in higher education administration. She currently serves as CEO of Bhattacharya Space Enterprises, a Singaporean start-up dedicated to engaging students in STEM though space technology development.


For the past two decades, Dr. Bhattacharya has managed spacecraft scheduling and instrument calibration, developed and tested mission software, and engaged the public, particularly students, through lectures and workshops related to NASA science and technology. Her research and engineering activities have focused on the use of spacecraft to enhance our understanding of Planet Earth, asteroids, other planets, stars, and galaxies. She has coauthored over 90 research articles. Dr. Bhattacharya has had the privilege of working on some of the humanity’s most exciting space-based endeavours, including the Hubble Space Telescope, Mars Rover, Galileo, and Herschel and has won more than ten NASA group achievement awards.


Dr. Bhattacharya regularly shares her enthusiasm about space technology and science with primary and secondary school students, through lectures and workshops at schools and museums. She has served on school site councils and the executive board of a US-based educational foundation.  Dr. Bhattacharya is also committed to university student participation in research and has successfully helped professors win over USD $5million in grants at Caltech and the Claremont Colleges in California, USA, where she currently serves as Director of Sponsored Research and Science Liaison.

Smiriti Srivastava

Research Technical Lead

Smiriti is a Master’s Student in Aerospace Engineering in Nanyang Technological University and TUM. She is working as a Technical Lead for Research.

Chia Lih Wei


Lih Wei is an undergraduate at the NUS Faculty of Engineering and was the Chief Product Engineer for Berner International while he was on the prestigious NUS Overseas College program, where he headed the designing, programming, and production of prototyping parts for new product development.

Ishvinder Singh Sandhu

Project Manager

Ish is a business advisor for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups.

Melissa Lim


Melissa is a final-year Sociology undergraduate at NUS with an interest in space, events management, design, and communications. She hopes to somehow merge all these interests together, with the goal of getting more people to know about what’s around them in outer space.

Faith Tng

Media & Communications Intern

Faith Tng majors in Communication at The University of Buffalo, SIM Global. Inspired by the sci-fi books from her childhood, she is now exploring ways to create excitement about space through social media and creative writing. She is particularly interested in the role of AI in space.

Joel Low


Joel is an undergraduate at NUS Faculty of Science, with a major in Astrophysics and a minor in Nano-Science. With a love of space since a young age, Joel is excited at the developing aerospace scene in Singapore, and hopes to be a part of the growing industry in the future.

Nikunj Agrawal


Nikunj Agrawal is an undergraduate student of Aerospace Engineering at IIT Madras in India, where he is  currently a part a student CubeSat project team and specifically working on designing an Electrical Power System for Payload of their satellite. He is particularly interested in developing a space tech incubator for space enthusiasts and entrepreneurs at all levels in Asia

We’d love to hear from you, whether you are a scientist or an artist, an engineer or programmer.  Space belongs to all of us!