We’re conducting research on the ISS!

International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) is a space station, or a habitable artificial satellite, in low Earth orbit. It provides an active research platform for space-based experiments designed by researchers from all levels, from students to professionals globally.

Current Project: SG SpaceLab

For the first time, a Singaporean experiment will be installed by astronauts and executed for several weeks on board the ISS. The project looks at the effects of space radiation on melanin in genetically modified bacteria. What experiment do you want to send up to space?

Project Timeline (SGT) for 2016-2017 project cycle:

    • Done


      6 months of payload build.

    • 01 June


      Launch to International Space Station (ISS).

    • 03 June


      Experiment runs on ISS for 30 days.

    • late July


      Restock mission to ISS brings the experiment back to Earth.

    • August


      Experiment returned to students for analysis.

    One-stop project that delivers real world skills

    Participants are exposed to a wide array of professional fields, including Science & Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Project Management, Public Relations and Data Analysis.

    Design & Build

    Students design & build microgravity experiments.


    Install on International Space Station.  Next launch scheduled for SpaceX-11, 04 June 2017.


    Download, analyse, and interpret data.

    Project Parters:

    BSE serves as the On Field Project Consultant, and provides participants with exposure to space technology. Our professional team of partners include:


    The Quest Institute (hw/sw & training provider)

    SpaceX (launch provider)

    NANORACKS (Microlab development technology)

    NASA (approve and regulate experiments)

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